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Government is about control: who gets it, how much they get, and what they can do with it.


Rights are for all. Otherwise they’re not rights. They’re privileges. But the rights themselves are not all created equal.


Environmental issues aren’t generally seen as a core function of government. They just require a bit of regulation here and there. I think we have it backwards.

Sex and Children

Regulating sex and reproduction is seen as a core function of society, with an assist from the law. The tools need to be better matched to the task than a spade to a souffle.

Government 1: War and Politics

These are supposed to be the core functions of government. There have simply got to be better ways of doing it than what we’ve tried so far.

Government 2: Oversight

The state has a monopoly on force and fairness requires limits on all power, so oversight of the government and by the government are both essential functions. The appropriate scope of public works is also discussed.

Money and Work

Together with love and peace, money is a vital issue. Capital, labor, justice, and the good life all depend on each other.


Issues relating to care of the elderly, ill, or disabled.


In a world where the basics just work, finding enjoyment looms much larger. Learning and exploring new worlds are at least as important as training for work.


Creativity is the source of much of our happiness, both in the making and the enjoying. What’s the best way to keep it flowing?





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